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Sale Features

Atlantic Stockyards Ltd Sale Feature of the day – D1 Cull Cows & Cull Bulls May 16, 2024


D1 Cull Cows:

  • Cull Cow sp $1.74 x 995lbs***$1,731.30
  • Cull Cow ch $1.72 x 1385lbs***$2,832.20
  • Cull Cow tan $1.66 x 1455lbs***$2,415.30
  • Cull Cow he $1.66 x 1440lbs***$2,390.40
  • Cull Cow ch $1.66 x 1585lbs***$2,631.10
  • Cull Cow ch $1.66 x 1635lbs***$2,714.10
  • Cull Cow red $1.62 x 1195lbs***$1,935.90
  • Cull Cow red $1.62 x 1355lbs***$2,195.10
  • Cull Cow sp $1.60 x 1010lbs***$1,616.00
  • Cull Cow blk $1.60 x 1205lbs***$1,928.00
  • Cull Cow red $1.54 x 1415lbs***$2,179.10
  • Cull Cow rwf $1.54 x 1490lbs***$2,294.60
  • Cull Cow blk $1.50 x 1290lbs***$1,935.00

Cull Bulls:

  • Cull Bull ch $1.94 x 2060lbs***$3,996.40
  • Cull Bull sh $1.78 x 2265lbs***$4,031.70
  • Cull Bull blk $1.77 x 1815lbs***$3,212.55
  • Cull Bull Blk $1.74 x 1730lbs***$3,010.20
  • Cull Bull red $1.72 x 1920lbs***$3,302.40


Atlantic Stockyards Ltd 4th Spring Run Feeder Sale of 2024. Tuesday May 28, 2024. Sale will begin at 10:00am on Tuesday May 28, 2024. Cattle will be accepted at Atlantic Stockyards on Monday May 27, 2024. Please find Atlantic Stockyards vaccine form along with vaccine protocol and requirements for selling vaccinated cattle on the forms page on our website. Please send vaccine forms and veterinarian receipt with proof of vaccine purchase to If you have any questions call Scott at 506-364-9464.


A friendly reminder Atlantic Stockyards weekly Thursday sale begins at 11:00am. Please have livestock on premises by 10:00am for proper book in procedures. Veterinarian is on site at 9:00am for pregnancy checks.


Atlantic Stockyards Ltd. Cages will be cash only. Commission groups will be as follows:
$1.00-$10.00 per cage the commission collected will be $2.00 per cage.
$11.00-$30.00 per cage the commission collected will be $5.00 per cage.
$31.00 & up per cage the commission collected will be $10.00 per cage.


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