REGULAR THURSDAY SALE - SALES OF ALL CLASSES OF LIVESTOCK EVERY THURSDAY, SALE TIME IS 1PM for cattle, 12:30PM for sheep - all cattle and sheep to be at the sale barn by noon.

Winter/Spring 2018 Feeder Sale Dates

Tuesday January 16 (10 am)

Tuesday March 6 (10 am)

Saturday March 26 (2pm) 6th Annual Balamore Farm Bull and Heifer Sale

Saturday April 14 (10 am)

Saturday May 5 (10 am)

Thursday May 24 (1pm)

Spring 2018 Equipment Sale Date

Saturday April 21 (10am)

Vaccinated cattle will be uniquely identified, all cattle will be sold by order of arrival.

Producers are encouraged to pre register all feeder cattle as early as possible – ASL will be listing pre registered cattle on our website

Vaccinated cattle must be accompanied by a vaccination declaration and a reciept for the vaccine used - download this form under our "forms" link and fax to our office, also look at the vaccination protocols information

Call Sean at 902 893 9603 (office) or 902 670 5999 (cell), 902 893 4483 (fax)



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