Atlantic Stockyards Limited is Atlantic Canada's Livestock Marketing Centre. We are located just outside Truro, Nova Scotia, the site of the former Maritime Cattle Market.

We market cattle, sheep, goats, horses, chickens and hogs every Thursday 52 weeks a year. We also hold dairy and beef herd dispersals and equipment auctions.


Second Fall Feeder Sale - Saturday October 13, 2018, 10am start.

891 sold, see market report tab for sale results.

Saturday October 27, 2018 - bred beef cow sale - noon start - please pre book - QUALITY COWS ONLY PLEASE

We will be selling several groups of bred beef cows and heifers (approximately 150 in total) with breeding bulls as well. Check back for group descriptions and pictures.

Group 1 - complete herd dispersal of Rodney Hilltop Farms and H&H Farms. 38 purebred Charolais cows (all with papers), 6 with calves at side (2 calves do not have papers), 4 bred heifers and 2 breeding bulls. All cows, calves and bulls will be vaccinated. Cows are January/February calving, ASL will pregnancy checks all cows prior to sale. This is an excellent group of working, purebred cows that will work on purebred or commercial farms. Very quiet easy working cattle. Catalogue available sale day. Pics click here....

list of lots, sires and dams please click here.....

Group 2 - complete herd dispersal of Alex MacLeaod, Scotsburn. 40 Red Angus/Simmental cross cows calving in April and May. Calves will be weaned and sold in the spring. All cows bred to a Balamore purebred Limousin bull, he is being sold as well (with papers). 10 of the females are bred heifers. All cows and heifers double vaccinated with Ultrabac7/Somnugen. ASL will pregnancy test all cows and heifers prior to sale. This is as nice a group of commercial beef cows I have sold in many years, moderate frame, quiet, bred to a correct bull, past calves from this herd have sold at the top of the market. This is a rare opportunity to add cows to your herd that produce quality calves for years to come. Don’t miss them. Pics click here.....

Group 3 - From Kingsmeadow Land and Cattle Ltd. 8 bred heifers (reds and blacks) bred to Red or Black Angus for January to April calving. Vaccinated with Triangle 10. These are top shelf heifers, 1400lbs, perfect combination of maternal cross bred to easy calving Angus. Cows that will calve easily, breed back quickly, raise a big calf and last for years. Pics click here.....

Group 4 - 15 Charolais cross beef cows with calves at side, spring/summer calving, bred to a Balamore Limousin bull. All cows and calves are double vaccinated with Triangle 5. Calves will go in the ring together, any calves over 400lbs will sell as feeders. ASL will preg check all cows prior to sale. Black cows in these pics are not being sold, Char cross cows only. Pics click here.....

Group 5 - 12 Hereford beef cows, all vaccinated with Triangle 5, calving in February to a purebred Hereford bull from Oultons. ASL will preg check all cows prior to sale. Excellent group of winter calving, easy keeping cows. Pics click here.....

Group 6 – 9 Black Angus based cows bred to Charolais or Simmental for March/April calving. ASL will preg check prior to sale. All cows vaccinated with Triangle 5. Good group of Black Angus based cows that are hard to find. Pics click here.....

Group 7 - Six commercial cows from Jamie Ells, excellent group of milky, young cows from a terrific commercial herd. Pics click here....

Group 8 - Two purebred Simmental cows with papers, short bred to Simmental, vaccinated with CattleMaster Sept 27/18. Terrific young cows. Pics click here.....

Group 9 - 11 Charolais based cows from Bill Reid (complete dispersal) bred to a GoldenBrook purebred Charolais bull for March/April calving. ASL will preg check – very quiet, easy calving group. Calved have sold at the top of feeder sales in past years. Pics click here....

Group 10 - 13 Hereford cows, 9 with calves at side and 1 purebred Hereford bull. Pics coming soon. ASL will preg check prior to sale.

We will also have a selection of breeding bulls on offer. Pics click here.....

2 purebred Red Angus bulls, fully performance tested, vaccinated with Resvac 4. 2 very easy calving bulls out of one of the provinces top commercial herds. pics click here.... 

Hay and Haylage For Sale

4x5 round bale silage, harvested June 1/17, dairy quality feed, $35/bale, 902 957 0478 (Greg), Mid Musquodoboit area.

30 round bales of haylage, made in June 4x4 hardcore, $35/bale, call Peter Morine, Newcombville, 902 527 3274

125 first cut 4x4 round bale haylage, solid core and 125 second cut 4x4 round bale haylage solid core, Wayne Graham (Middleton area) 902 825 8431

Free Standing Livestock Panels, 24’x6’ approximately 15 for sale, contact Jason for pricing 902 824 0920. Pics click here....

New ASL Vaccine Rebate Information please click here....


Dairy Breeding Stock Sale Last Thursday of Every Month

Dairy breeding stock will be featured the last Thursday of every month at 1pm at our regular sale.

We will be accepting open, bred, springing heifers and cows, dairy bulls, grades and purebreds.

Producers with consignments are encouraged to contact Sean by email, phone or fax to pre register entries by Tuesday of the sale week.

Entries will be advertised on by Tuesday evening for buyer viewing. See our contact tab for contact numbers.

All fresh dairy cows will have a CMT, udder check, palpation for cleaning and will be checked for twisted stomach. All tests will be done by the vet sale day - there will be a $15 charge to the consignors beginning Thursday October 30, 2014.


Fall 2018 Feeder Sale Dates

Saturday September 15 (10 am)

Saturday October 13 (10 am)

Saturday November 17 (10 am)

Saturday December 8 (10 am)

Fall 2018 Equipment Sale Date

Saturday September 22 (10am)


Please note for cattle to receive vaccinated tags in fall 2015 producers must present the following prior to or at book in;

1. a vaccination receipt for the vaccine used

2. an ASL entry form (see "forms" tab above) with vaccination information

** Watch for upcoming herd dispersals at our Thursday sales.

Producers with cattle to consign to breeding stock, feeder sales or weekly sales should contact Sean at the numbers above.

Click on the tabs above to access more information on market reports, sale dates, and forms for for sale entries.

** Notice of Pregnancy Checking Fees

effective February 1, 2011 ASL will charge a flat fee of $3 per head for all bred heifers and cows sold as stock breeding animals, the fee will also apply to breeding soundness evaluation for open heifers. This fee will appear on the sellers settlement sheet.

** Notice on NSCP Levy Collection

as of Thursday July 7, 2011 ASL will be collecting check off for the NSCP. Producers wishing to partcipate in the herd renewal program will be required to have paid check off, ASL will do this on producers behalf.

** Note on Sheep Tagging **

There are no sheep tagging sites off the farm of origin that can legally apply sheep tags. ASL is a licensed tagging station for cattle but not for sheep, all sheep and lambs must be tagged with a CSIP approved tag when they leave the flock of origin. Current CFIA fines for untagged sheep are $1300 for the producer, $1300 for the transporter and $1300 for ASL (for accepting untagged sheep). Please take a moment when loading sheep and lambs to ensure that all sheep are tagged.

** CCIA Tag Changes Coming in July 2010**

OTTAWA, May, 28, 2010: Effective July 1, 2010, all cattle must be tagged with an approved Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag prior to moving from their current location or leaving their farm of origin. These tags will replace the bar-coded dangle tags.

Producers cannot remove older bar code tags already in the ears of cattle leaving the farm - RFID (button) tags must be added in addition to already in place dangle tags.

Sellers and Buyers please note; as of June 1, Canada Post will not be delivering any mail without full civic address; producers are encouraged to contact ASL and provide full mailing information to avoid processing delays.

Click here for directions on how to find us.





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